Find a market anywhere in South Africa

We’ve listed hundreds of different markets throughout South Africa to make it easy to find new markets that you like and markets to try out when you’re on holiday.

If you don’t find the market you were searching for, please let us know by sending an email to:

Graphic design & photography services

Graphic design (Vendors: R350 / hour; Markets: R450 / hour)
If you’re in need of a bit of trendy design and/or branding for your market or product (logo design, website design, poster design), drop us a line. We’re here to help.

Photography (Vendors: R350 / hour; Markets: R450 / hour; Western Cape only)
Good photos sell. Having good photos of your market or products make it look as awesome as it really is. They’re a must-have for your website and are also useful for advertising through other channels, such as local newspapers and on facebook. Contact us for an appointment. Travelling over 50km is charged for at R3/km.

What we’re about

Fresh Local Markets is made up of a team of market-lovers with skills in programming, graphic design, social marketing & photography. We like knowing where our food comes from and enjoy supporting local creative and community projects. When we’re not working, you can find us in the mountains, on a misty beach or pigging out at a local market!

Being environmentally-friendly

Visiting outdoor markets encourages us to spend time in nature. We believe that this, as well as buying locally-grown foods, encourages an attitude of living with a greater awareness of the environment.

Supporting community & local creativity

We aim to feed the growing market shopping culture in South Africa and to continue to generate awareness and excitement about the good things that are happening in South Africa. We are also great fans of local job creation, skills development and small business development.

Being awesome

We want to be able to make your life just a little bit easier so that you can find the info that you need quickly. We also want to inspire you to care about the earth, the importance of community and the value of supporting local products.