How to Choose the Right Fair

In our last blog post, Branding Your Business, we mentioned that your market must match your product and align with your niche target market. You might have two or three markets in mind that could work. It’s time to take the next step with your research.

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Check the vibe

Go to the markets that you want to sell at to see if they meet your expectations. Get yourself an ice cream and stroll around the space. This is quite literally market research. You’re looking to see if this space checks all your boxes: Is this the kind of place that your buyers would shop? Do the market visitors look and behave like the market segment you want to target? Note down what type of products are being sold- is a large enough gap in the market for you here Check out the prices and compare them to your own. Do your product prices match up to the financial demographic that attends the market? Ask vendors questions about their market experience and network with them Ask vendors which other markets they sell at

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If the market looks like a good fit, start thinking about how much product you might expect to sell. You will need to have at least 4 -10 times as more stock than you expect to sell in one day. It’s time to start getting crafty!

In our next blog post we will cover important questions to ask before you apply to the market or fair of your choice.

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