How to Make Your Application Stand Out

If you read our previous post with questions to ask before you apply, you will want to start the application process as soon as possible.

Check the Dates

Before you apply to join a fair or market, check the market application closing dates. Sometimes closing dates are many months before the market date. You might want to start planning a year in advance to be able to plan well, build up enough stock and invest in savings.

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Submit a Stand Out Application

Application guidelines can be different for every market, but here are some important aspects that the market organiser may want to see: High quality, clear and up-to-date photos of your products A clear description of your product with an emphasis on what makes it unique A professional, polished application with correct spelling, grammar and tone to ensure that you come across as a serious applicant Information about previous events that you have participated in, possibly with photos that show your stunning stall set up

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Follow up

Once you have submitted your application, all you need to do is wait. We recommend following up with the event organiser if you don’t receive a response when you expect to. If you find that your products were not accepted, ask for information on their reasoning. This will help you to improve your next applications.

In our next blog post we will be will be discussing how to plan financially for your market day.

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