October Beer Festival at The Chilled Market

Are you looking for a great Friday Night wind-down spot? It can be really difficult to find a venue that caters to the whole family. With the holiday season approaching, we are on the lookout for family friendly locations. Last weekend we visited a great spot in the Southern Suburbs of Cape Town.

The Chilled Market at The Range is an indoor/outdoor food market, with ample seating and parking available. Their children's area is spectacular, with lots of fun activities. As we wandered around the market we were greeted by bubbly vendors, met with delicious smells and we watched families and friends laughing and enjoying the crisp evening air. This month The Chilled Market is hosting their annual Beer Festival. They will be hosting four local craft beer vendors every Friday over the month of October. We visited each stall, sampling everything they had on offer.

Saggy Stone Brewery

Saggy Stone Brewery begun on a wine and fruit farm in the Langeberg Mountains. Their secret to their great beer is the soft, fresh mountain water that originates from the farm’s natural spring. If you're a fan of easy drinking, lighter beers then Saggy Stone is for you. Overall, their beers sported gentler flavours compared to the other breweries. The local brewery will be launching a new product soon. Saggy Stone has developed a Lite Gin and Tonic that goes by the name “Blush Stone”. It's available on tap at the market’s bar. This deliciously refreshing drink will be available in a can to stand alongside the rest of their range in Checkers Stores across the Western Cape from the beginning of November.

Atlantic Storm Brewery

This award-winning microbrewery was born in Kommetjie and launched commercially in 2014. Atlantic Storm crafts their beers with only the finest imported ingredients. The flavours of the Atlantic Storm range on offer were the most diverse of all of the vendors. The Cape Doctor is a soft and sweet easy drinking pale ale, perfect for a summer's evening, while The Buccaneer Spiced Rum pale ale sports richer, warmer tones. This pirate's brew recently won Battle of the Taps at Beer House in Cape Town.

The stand out brew was their Black Tempest Coffee Milk Stout. Brewed with Tribe Coffee beans, this rich drink is a pleasantly surprising. The coffee flavour comes through strongly without overpowering the sweetness of the milk stout. This is a breakfast beer if ever there was one.

Darling Brew

This local household name originates from a little further up the west coast. They had three of their delicious brews on tap, and the rest of the range available in bottles. Their Bone Crusher wit beer was our personal favourite, with a sweet orange nose, and lingering bitterness. Rouge Pony is a bit of a misnomer, as this ale goes down soft and easy with hints of honey and straw. You can also sample the latest addition to the range on tap under the name "Rooi Bok".

Boston Breweries

Although this is a small stall, it is not to be missed. They had three of their widely distributed beers available to be tasted. Two more from the extensive range can be found the Chilled Market’s in-house bar. 33 Degrees South, their India Pale Ale, was a favourite with stronger tones originating from the greater quantity of hops in the brew. Wild Honey Blonde came in close second with a delightful sweet honey aftertaste.

Make it a date

But don't take my word for it. Why not head over to The Chilled Market at The Range this Friday and sample the best craft beer Cape Town has to offer? Even if beer isn't your preferred beverage, you're bound to find something delicious to enjoy.

With stunning views, live entertainment, and an assortment of great vendors, The Chilled Market is a local gem! The action starts early on in the evening so if you have little ones you are able to have your fun and get them home before bedtime. Snap some pictures of your visit and tag us on Instagram, Twitter or Facebook. We would love to see what you think of the market and the October Beer Festival!

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