Family Shopping at Pure Boland Market

Shopping can wear down the best of us, malls with bright lights and hundreds of people weaving in and out of aisles, especially for parents having to keep track of their children and praying they don’t throw a tantrum before you make it out. To experience the alternative side of everyday life, we recently visited Pure Boland Farmers Market in Worcester. We did our weekly shop surrounded by the friendly bustle of the marketplace.

Filled with happy families and good food, this market turned the mundane into the exceptional with ease, so here are some wins of market shopping with your own family.

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Kids are welcome

Markets are a great place to bring your kids for a family day out. Pure Boland had loads to offer kids for entertainment as well as a safe environment for them to be given some freedom in. Food, face paint and kiddies game stalls were only the tip of the iceberg on all there was to do for your young ones.

While you’re getting together your shopping your kids can be off enjoying themselves, I’m sure they’d be more than excited to join you every week to gobble up delicious local food and even take part in some serene pony rides, it might even make a few of you moms and dads wish to be kids again.

They can be happily left at painting tables for hours on end while you and your partner enjoy yourselves at food stalls or with friends, since your kids will be content, it leaves you a moment of time to spend on each other or whoever else you might want to bring with you to enjoy the occasion you make of your shopping trip.

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On top of all the fun, it might also be a great opportunity to educate your little ones about the food they eat, you get to see many foods in their perfect raw state that you might never in a store setting. Talk to your kids, let them explore and answer the many questions you’ll probably receive after they discover a food they’ve never seen or never tasted before. Stall owners can also be very helpful on the occasions where you simply don’t know the answers.

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Fresh, local produce

A huge amount of the fruits and veg you’ll find in our stores have been imported and is under impressive because it is out of season a lot of the time. The food you find at markets is usually either homegrown, homemade, very carefully sourced or all of the above. This means that the fresh produce on offer will probably be in season.

Though it does mean you won’t always get exactly what you expect, it also gives you a chance to cook seasonally and be more creative with your recipes. With fresh food like this, no recipe you find could possibly be anything but delicious.

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Make a day of it

Markets are global and you can find one almost anywhere, so take the opportunity to turn your weekly shopping (normally one of the most stressful parts of your week) into a weekly get-away! Make a day of it and just enjoy being outside and spending time somewhere new with your family. Not to mention that the produce and products on offer as way above par compared to the usual shops. Load up the family and drive up to Pure Boland Farmers Market for the day. Take a walk, see the scenery, taste great food, unwind from a stressful week of holding up the world and keeping your household in one piece.

Parents, for all you do for us, you deserve to enjoy the little things.

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