Sharky's Tacos: The New Kids on the Block

Who doesn't like Mexican food? Well, we sure do and were delighted to get a chance to catch up with some new cool kids on the block at the Vergenoegd Market. We sat down for a quick Q&A with Mark Reitz about his new venture and tried to get to the heart of this foodie inspiration. Mark is a Cape Town photographer with a passion for good music, local beer and Mexican-influenced cuisine.

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Can you tell us a bit more about Sharky's Tacos?

Sharky’s Tacos is a pop up taqueria, inspired by DIY ethics and food as art that stimulates more senses than almost any other art form. Taste, sight, smell and touch - we try to keep these in mind when developing our dishes. Beer is also supplied by Fokof Lager. Beer and Tacos. What more do you need?

Tell which markets we can grab a taco at?

I started up at Vergenoegd Market in Stellenbosch. Next up is Kamers. It's a big market put together by great people; a vibey festival with live music, crafts and delicious food - everything locally produced! I will also be at the Black Market at Roastin Records and have some other secrets up the sleeve…

What inspired you to start your own business?

It’s an idea that was stuck in the back of my head since visiting Austin, Texas back in 2012. The variety and quality of food trucks and pop up restaurants in the city was a huge highlight of the trip for me. Most of the times the best ones were the unbranded taco trailers in the less touristy parts of the city - there was one truck I visited every morning for a couple of $1 refried bean tacos for breakfast - still probably some of the best food I’ve ever had.

In 2016 my best friend gifted me with a cook book from Breddos Tacos, a London taco collective and that really inspired my cooking and cemented the idea of getting into Sharky’s Tacos - more as a creative outlet than anything else.

Where or how did you learn about the skills for running your business today?

I’m still learning as I go with a lot of help from friends and family.

What is your favourite dish?

Any seafood with chili, lime and coriander and some fresh corn tortillas, the rest is optional. Also my refried beans, a recipe I’ve been refining for almost 5 years.

Wow, that sounds impressive. What advice do you have for fellow traders?

I’m really new to this, so I’d probably ask my fellow traders for advice first? Haha. But I guess stay true to your art, don’t compromise and treat your ingridients with respect.

Do you use social media to spread the word about your market?

I’m currently only on Instagram, and really dig it. Works great to test response to new ideas and also getting the word out as to where I will trade next. Follow us here: @sharkystacos_cpt

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